A patient centered approach to tailoring human papilloma virus self-sampling for cervical cancer screening (PATH)

Implementation Study 2 co-Leads Winer and Buist are partnerin with Kaiser Permanente Washington to optimize implementation strategies to increase HPV self-sampling for cervical cancer screening.

In a recent pragmatic trial, the availability of home-based testing kits increased cervical cancer screening by 50% in a hard-to-reach population. However, qualitative follow-up with women who did not complete the screening process highlighted opportunities to optimize implementation by distributing patient-centered outreach materials along with the HPV self-sampling test kits. 

Using OPTICC Stage II methods, this study is developing outreach materials addressing determinants specific to home-based testing and known screening determinants. Using Stage III methods, these materials will then be “tested for signal” to ensure they actually do address the identified determinants to screening completion. These optimized outreach materials will be ready for use and evaluation in a subsequent confirmatory randomized-controlled trial.

Implementation Science Knowledge Gained

Optimized patient outreach materials with a signal of effectiveness that will allow for large-scale testing in a SMART design that also tests frequency and timing of outreach.

Research Team

Rachel Winer, PhD, MPH

Rachel Winer, PhD

Study Co-Lead

Kelly Ehrlich

Project Manager

Project Manager, KPWHRI

Hongyuan Gao, MSc, MA


Programmer, KPWHRI

Jessica Ridpath headshot

Jessica Ridpath

Research Communications Consultant

Senior Research Communications Consultant, KPWHRI